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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  October 17, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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risk and reward. thank you for joining us th week. "money" starts right now. melissa: that's right, the markets firmly in climbing mode. after six straight days of declines. to the very latest developments on ebola, president obama calling it, quote, a all hands on deck approach, appointing a new ebola czar. that is him right there. meanwhile a scare at the ppntagon. a woman gottsick in the parking lot. she said she recently visited africa. the bus was filled with passengers. stopped right in its tracks. still no travel ban but the president has quote, no philosophical objection to one. new concerns about travel and other texas health care worker who may have had contact with ebola, quarantined on a cruise ship. we are all over all of this breaking news because even when they say itts not, it is always about money.
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melissa: you can call this a comeback. we'veegot a rally going on. the best day for stocks this year, following a week of wild volatility. bring in today's panel. fox business's own charlie gasparino and "wall street journal" veronica daguerre and james freeman. i'm gladdit is friday. it has been a crazy one. what do you think of this rally today? >> i think a shot in the arm by one of the fed people who was it? bullard? >> bullard? >> bullard. >> bullard? tried to make it sound international. >> french. melissa: a little fancier. >> any anttcipate have the guy is apparently more hawkish, being on the hawkish side, stopped adown draft yesterday -@from occurring. we were off marginally yesterday. i think it helped today, some decent numbees. not one real ebola headline. youuhave some woman --
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melissa: well, no, the woman vomiting in the parking lot. they stop everything in its tracks. oh by the way i just came back from africa. that was a pretty big headline. >> if she actually has it, it is going to be a bigger headline. melissa: how about the cruise ship? they're not letting into belize. headlines everywhere, no. >> not the same. there are headlines and there are headlines. melissa: not a laughing matter. just the way he said t. >> more serious headlines. people get infected. that's a problem. >> a lot of headlines. fortunately people are not panicking about them of the as we were saying on wednesday the u.s. economy is growing still. not at the pace we would like. we got good news. why you see a rally today. good earnings news. better news on consumer sentiment. some good real estate news. melissa: you're confusing mecham europeaning this growth that is not, very marginal. >> not what we want. not what it should be but we are growing. >> this is wall street -- >> griping on despite at love bad policy in washington.
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>> this is "wall street journal" editorial page tooting their own horn, talking their book about interest rates. >> my book is the u.s. economy. and the unitee states. freedom. that is my book! >> you guys spend half the time saying economy is bad shape panned other half of the time saying we need to raise rates. >> this volatility they have went from a very calm summer to very chaotic fall. this volatility i think this is not the time to be opening your 401(k) statement. this is the not time to open your 401(k) statement. >> i took a cceap shot at him. >> he is waiting to come back. go ahead, james freeman. >> this really isn't that complicated. the economy is not as good as it could be as it should be with policies. melissa: that is not what we were saying at the start of the show three minutee ago. >> the poiin it is growing. but the point is, rates have been super low for five years.
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we have tried that. that is not where we need to go for growth. we have to get better policies regulation. taxes and melissa: are you buying this now or? >> i know every day, paul gigot givessthem a little piece of -- melissa: oh, my goodness. >> getting nasty in here. melissa: getting cold in here. >> i am only kidding. i know paul very well. >> well, let us know. president obama will appoint ron claim to be the -- klain. administration's ebola czar. they call it a ebola esponse coordinator.3 looks good on the reeume' that way. klain previous served as chief of staff to vice president biden. he also managed the distribution of funds from the massive stimulus package that president obama passed in his first term. he is considered an excellent manager. i don't know, he has no health care background at all. he is basically a permanent staffer. >> he is a bureaucrat. guy has been around the block, from a bratbureaucrattic standpoint. i don't know why they need a
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czar. i think anthony fauci -- melissa: have to look like somebody is in charge. >> any med school dean at random wouud be better. >> i'm not against non-medical peopleehere and managerial skills help. need a czar. melissa: he is a career manager. >> a political hack. >> you're right. if you were serious about, wouldn't you appoint leon panetta, want somebody from your party knows how to run things, even from government standpoint, you point someonn like panetta who has done it for years. ii shows the president is not taking ebola issue very seriously. >> i think tony fauci would not be a bad call. adding another layer political hackery above the actual doctors. melissa: perfect. >> he will have to get up to speed. a lot of people who know this field will have to spend time how the body works. is about and >> how the body works. >> if you were going to get panicked bout a ebola headline this is the one to panic.
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>> i agree. melissa: you're on fire, james freemann >> for him to mess up the medical enterprise in this country. melissa: i will make fun of you at top of every show from now on. it fires you up. >> this notta of lag matter. it is not a laughing matter. melissa: not on friday. >> some goofy bureaucrat is heading our response. >> ccuntry wants action and leadership. i don't know if this is right way to do t. what about a trrvel ban? i think more people would be suppprtive of that..3 editorial page.l street journal" melissa: i only say. i lost control. shipphappens. a health care worker who may have handled, i didn't say it, lab samples from ebola victim thomas eric duncan is currently being quarantined on board a shape, no surprise, ii case you're wondering it's a carnival screws ship. it is shocking. wow. veronica, let me let yoo go first this time. >> thank you. i think it is issue people are
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worried about. the fear factor is really high. perhaps it is better they're taking more proactive steps and saying this might have it until it is quarantined. certainly ruins the vacation. there is something to be said acting like aagood citizen. these folks who have been exposed to ebola, i think -- melissa: getting on a cruise ship. >> i would think on their own volitionn maybe i shouldn't fly. maybe i shouldn't go on a cruise? maybe i should stay local. melissa: this is alarming. i was on a cruise ship recentlyy there with vomit in my rug that was not from our family. a floating bacteria, cruise ships are disgusting anyway. we put somebody with ebola onn3 them. terrible. go ahead, james. want to take this one on. >> i never been on a cruise ship. melissa: i am never going agaan. it was horrible. >> somewhat you're describing may be a reason. i think veronica hit it right on the head. would you like to count on people doing the right thing, thinking of larger community and, i also think this is not a
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crisis and -- melissa: i feel it is like a crisis. >> i think we are this close to becoming the a crisis in the james freeman definition of a crisis like, two more people, two more people coming down with this stuff. and it is going to be messy, if two more people come down with this stuff. melissa: two? >> out of millions of united3% states. >> because then the potentiil for you, from other people to get it will be rapped up. it will have impact on people not goinn out to dinner, people not going to movies, people not traveling. melissa: for many, many reasons i'' not getting on a cruise ship. don't miss "after the bell," bob dickinson former carnival cruise line ceo will join liz and davv3 at four p.m. eastern to talk more about that. called ebola near me. not even kidding about this this shows your distance from the nearest ebola patient. >> oh, god. melissa: this is what it has come down to. do you have that app, charlie
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gasparino? >> i don't have any apps. that is certainly not one i would do. this is very serious subject. we're almost trivializing it. melissa: it has been a long week. >> this is friday and you want to loosen up a little bit. this is so serious if we don't have not heallh impact butll economics of this thing is really bad if people cut back on spending. listen, how much is growth, 2% growth? >> roughly. >> that is not a lot of growth to be messing with, i tell you. i worry about the eeonomic impact. this is about jobs and money. melissa: charlie ending on serious note, are you joining him. >> i hate to make him more serious, but they're creating centers of excellence. one they're considering bellview here in new york. that app -- >> zero miles. >> i want to point out, my brother is an icu doctor. melissa: at bellview? >> no, at new york presbyteriaa. he did work at bellview. did a residency through nyu.
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i know a lot about bellview. that is perfect place to do it. best trauma people in the world. my brother had list training there. melissa: thanks, guys. the caliphate takes a hit. terror fighters withdrawing in a key town. there is chilling news that isis is training members to fly planes. yell yell has a -- janet yellen has a lot on her mine, getting into the income equaaity debate. find out why she is getting worried coming up. ♪ so ay bank really has no hienees savingsccounts? that''right. it's just that i'worried abouty. ok, y's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where branches equgrearates. when folks think aboutwhat they, th think salmon d energy.t thee
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a's wrong with trying new things? feel that in yr scles? yeah... do. try new way tok,hereo branches equals grearates. melissa: rally mode on wall street. stocks with the single best day of the entire year. earlier we were off the highs of the session. up 219 points. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. what is happening in the trade right now? >> we gave some of that back as you noted. we had been higher earlier today. we were up 310 points. gave back about 100 of those and a couple of things happening. you still have a majority of the stocks in the green. oil pulled back at one point. sometimes you follow the oil
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trade. also following russell small caps closely. that is certainly a little bit of a pullback occurring this afternoon after the highs. still all green. look at ge by the way. came out with quarterly numbers, great numbers. the profit numbers toppee views. they did cut costs. the stock is up 2.3%. and gave some growth outlooks that were decent. with that you can see the stock is a winner aad leader on the dow jones industrial average. back to you. >> nicole, thank you so much. stocks rebounding today. earlier this week was not looking too pretty. let me refresh your memory. the dow diving more than 200 points in monday's close. taking a breather on tuesday. down another 200 on wednesday. thursday managing to end just 24 points lower after hitting a new eight-month low. what should investors make of all of this volatility? let's bring in jonathan hoenig of capitalist hedge fund. we have also scott martin of3 united advisors. they're both fox news contributors. charlie is back as well.
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scotty markets, let me start with you. it has been a hell of a week..3 what do you make oo it? >> hell is one four-letter word thinking about it, melissa. if you're at home you have to take your temperature. being that you have to think how this week made you feel? have you slept okay? have you been up late or early because you're bothered by the markets move? the reaaity we've been expecting a move for a long time. it comes at a time we didn't3 quite think ii would happen. if you have the balanced portfolio we talk about, bonds, coomodities, other things besides equities in your 401(k) or brokerage account you probably made out okay on the week. melissa: jonathan, what do you think about the volatility, is it here to say? >> when elephants are dancing mice get trampled. a lost mice get trampledded, melissa, i'm not sure i heard that phrase, when elephants are dancing mice get trampled. am i mouse or elephant in that analogy? >> if yoo're buying dips you're not only the mouse but gotten
2:16 pm
crushed by elephant. despite today's rally which i'm happy to see, this is from my perspective still a dead-cat bounce. how do i know that? stocks doing poorly againstmore those doing well. i would be hesitant calling bottoms even despite today's rally. melissa: charlie gasparino, do you have any animals to add to the discussion. >> i'm an animal lover although people called me an animal at times. melissa: okay. that was good. >> you know, i'm an animal when it comes to breaking news. listen, would i say his. we, i wouldn't do anything right now. i think parallsis is not a bbd thing, particularly if you have, or you should have a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash where you knew something like this would come in. i'm not willing to throw in my towel on rally, if the fed comes in, anthony scaramucci, very own fox contributor talked about it, qe4. based on yesterday's comments from the, mr. bullard -- melissa: bullard.
2:17 pm
yeah. speaking of fed folks, janet yellen sounding the alarm on income inequality. the fed chair saying it could seriously harm the u.s. economy and extent of inequality in the country which she pretty much created greatly concerns me. @rony here, because it is the fed's fault. they are the ones who juiced markets higher. >> irony? hypocrisy. one thing caused the wealth gap to expand rapidly, obama-nomics failing middle class and fed juiccng stock market so rich people take stocks they bought at 6,000 back in march of 2009 -- melissa: she is worth -- go ahead. >> melissa, inequality is an issue, just a metaphysical fact of reality. people are not born equal. @eople are not equal. some achieve more than others. think to charlie's point where equality, where the shame, treats people. how government giving advantages to certain groups and taking from others. >> don't forget, yellen
2:18 pm
appointed by president. melissa: right. what insight does it give you what she may be thinking about? if she says she is worried about income inequality, do you try to read into that what she might be doing next? >> yeah. it will be more failed policy that will crowd out the middle class because the fed is in this mantra and ben bernanke started it, where they think more printing, more stimulus will fix all these problems and it just makes things worse. >> she is a leftist. she is president obama's appointee, he appointed her. larry summers is a less of a leftist and what do you expect from her? she is i lag groundwork for qe4. melissa: we'll leave it there, guys. the giants hitting one out of the park. the san francisco team is heading to the world series but if you want to go, it will cost you. oil rebounding. it has been a rough go for crude. an oil producer joins us. his warning $70 a barrel for oil, could be quote, do you ever have too much money?
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melissa: baseball fans are gearing up for roller coaster ride of a world series. the san francisco giants are championship in five years after a 6-3 victory over the st. louis cardinals last night. they are going to take on the kansas city royals of course who are back in the series or the first time since 1985. here is where it gets really other 12 times. three of ttem were this august when the royals swept the giants. can you tell our producer is a royals fan? i'mmnot sure if you could tell that yet. fox has you covered with all the games, starting with opener on tuesday night, just after
2:23 pm
we can not wait.n. meantime turning back to markets, oil prices bouncing back after veryysteep declines. crude is down 10% in the past month aaone. if the slide continues our next guest says there is reason to worry. chris faulkner, the founder and ceo of bright link energy and gas. you say 70 bucks could be a catastrophe. why? >> as you know we talked about it many times on the show, this is expensive oil tt bring out of the ground. most shale plays are about 50, to $55. some areas are cheaper. some are higher like bakken. $70 will give producers a grave conccrn. keep in mind most are heavily levered up. they have a lot of debt they're if they're not hedging they're in expensive area. $70 is expensive area. bakken, $12 a barrel on rail. taking deductions, this gets expensive real quick. melissa: it does although i had this argument with someone last
2:24 pm
month. you would have to go there to sit there for a prolonged period of time to have impact. >> that's true. melissa: do you think we're really going below 70 for prolonged period of time or having a respite here? >> if you asked me that two days ago i told you i don't know. i got a sigh of relief with the oil with floor above 80. we dippee delow 80 few days ago we had concern we wouud hit 57. some producers, smaller guys, can they weather storm if oil goes below 08 and stay? some guys may not. gives an opportunity for bigger guys. 80, to $58 oil i think we have range-bound going forward i think we all can make money and momentum will continue. melissa: you're saying 70. -@citi said the number is closer to 50 where you start -- >> i disagree with with that. from our side. we look at these numbers every day. half drilling rigs to lay downt or drilling will slow down for a period of time and producers may
2:25 pm
make the decision, hey i can leave the oil in the ground. let oil rebound and start producing again. you will have at least some decisions to be made if oil hits 70 and stay. i don't think we're going think with is good news. if we get to november 27th and saudi couldn't cut production, we don't know what could happen. melissa: chris faulkner, leaving the house in dallas, to talk to us, we appreciate that given the ebola scare. thanks for talk withing with us. >> thankkyou, melissa, a woman sick in the pentagon parking lot, she was throwing up. she said she visited liberia two weeks ago. bus we're looking at now taking people to marine corps retirement ceremony. telling fox news she is being quarantined in a virginia hoopital. the bus though, back on the move. we'll bring you latest as we learn it. officials tell us that it is safe to travel. would you feel safe being stuck on a cruise ship with possible ebola patient?
2:26 pm
some things a lot of people want to know as we head into the flu season. how can you tell difference between regular flu and beginning stages of ebola? what is the difference? we'll break down what you need to know next. "piles of money" coming up. er 12,0 fiial advisors so, how are ings? nearly800 billion llarsin aets . let me just puthisway. how did edrd jones get so big? you teach our ki th trick? not acting that way okst quarter... it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪kst quarter... hard it can be..ow .to breathe with copd? can feel kehis. copd includechronic bronit and emphysema. spiriv a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... bronit and emphysema.
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now texas governor rick perryyis calling for a trrvel ban. are we getting hysterical? or is this the right response to be this concerned? >> well i think part of it is because cdc is not really the nurses and the hospitals. there are guidelines coming down the pipeline but it is not very clear. you know, take the temperature, for example. she goes in with 99.5. on the other side it is 100.3. both are under the radar but yet she was contagious and sick and diagnosed with ebola. what is the exact fever we're looking for? over in liberia it was 101.5. that is reason why there is a lot of confusion. on the other hand, you look at for example, blaming some of the nurses about, how, they got this
2:31 pm
virus and et cetera and the nurses. the nurses are really not well-trained when it to this ebola. we know how to take care of isolation and contaminatton, et cetera but when it comes to ebola it's a whole different animal to deal with. @han any regular virus we know of. melissa: concerns about traveling are growing by the day. officials continue to tell us we have nothing to worry about. here is frontier airlines president on "the kelly file" last night. >> we take safety very seriously. it is our number one priority and the safety of our passengers and crew and all employees and all customers and the public in general is our number one concerr. so it is safe to fly on frontier tonight. >> but you know, they say everything is safe. yet another health care worker who helped treat duncan is quarantined in the middle f caribbean. the worker hopped on a cruise before duncan's death. before they updated the requirement for active monitoring? what dd you think of the reaction to this cruise ship
2:32 pm
now? it is docked. won't let anyone off in belize. she is quarantined on the ship. is that hysterical? >> we need to keep everyone in quarantine especially those exposed to mr. duncan. you were taking care of labs, body fluid,,if you're a nurse or doctor or anyone directly in contact with mr. duncan taking care of mr. duncan, keep them there for 21 days plus if there are i in symptoms. to let them go on a cruise with 4,000 people out there or gg on a plane with 137 passengers, you're take too many chances. melissa: you're a health care worker, you would know better, right? wouldn't it be reasonable to know them that before they get on the plane or cruise ship. >> she needed to wait a little longer. we're getting toward holiday season. flu season and christmas and new year's and all passengers will be traveling all over the world. the diitinction between flu and ebola is difficult position.
2:33 pm
lot of people -- melissa: go into that. because the early symptoms can be similar. you know, both symptoms, whether you have ebola or flu. you have headache. you have fever. what are the similarities, what are the differences? we're looking at some on the screen. >> flu is fever somewhere between 102, 106. melissa: higher with the flu. >> higher with the flu. melissa: okay. >> you will have higher fever. you will have muscle pain and headache but mostly runny nose and real flu symptoms. congestion, cough, sore throat. we don't see that with ebola.3 with ebola you see first, fever, headache an muscle pain. but then diarrhea, vomiting, liver failure. melissa: at that point very obvious it is ebola. >> exactly right. melissa: we're saying in very early stages -- >> very similar common grounds. fever, body ache, fatigue and muscle pain could overlap. sometimes can be very difficult to distinguish between the two. melissa: what does that tell you as we go nto the season?
2:34 pm
do people have to be extra careful? we'll get extra careful because you may have just the flu? what is the message you take awwy? >> travel history from the health care worker, the travel history can be extremely helpful. if you're coming from those countries or in contact with anybody that may or may not have ebola those are helpful. otherwise you have to treat it as ebola until proven otherwise. melissa: wow. dr. samadi. thhnk you so much. we appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. melissa: isis looking to the skies. the terror group is reportedly training to have people fly captured fighter jets. hong kong once again.ring up in police tearing down barricades as protesters show no signs backing down. at the end of the day it is about money. [shouting]
2:35 pm
2:36 pm
melissa: i'm melissa francis with your fox business. markets are in rally mode after rollercoaster week for stroks. some strong earning reports from the likes of morgan stanley and general electric. a consumer index reached a seven-day high. ebola not worrying some investors. dallas mavericks investor joined fox. he told dierdre how his team is handling the outbreak. >> with the mavericks
2:37 pm
we're taking3 precautions. we're very aware. ww're telling people what to be aware for. if if they have a flu, we'll pay attention, but i don't think it's an issue. melissa: that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:38 pm
melissa: isis taking a hit in kobani as ramped up airstrikes
2:39 pm
give kurdish forces a chance to advance. the kurds control about 70 percent of the land. that has been under heavy fighting. greg is at the boarder with the latest on this one. >> for the last few minutes here along the turkey syria border we've been hearing a lot of u.s. jet activity up in the skies, and for the last few days, our sources have been telling us, th the isis terrorists have been pulllng back for some degree. also behind me we've been watching lot of isis activity right along the border shelling of border crossing there. a lifeline for kobani. the terrorist would like to control it. we've seen some shells fall across turkey military doing nothing at all. aside from that, we've been watching various battles across this city between isis terrorists and the kurdish
2:40 pm
defenders of the town. -@our sources tell us as wellthere have been been more u.s. airstrikes overnight against this town, estimate there have been well over 60 airstrikes just since monday against isis. here, more than anything else, according to that of othees that has been the difference between this town falling to the terrorists and this down still holding out. isis has been activity about 120 miles to the west of where we are right now along the turkey syria border just outside the syrian city of aleppo they're in control of a syrian air base and we're told by a valuableeforce that exiraqi air force pilots are training isis fighters how to fly make fighter jets there. they've even done some trial runs we are told that is all we need right now. a dogfight between isis jet fighters and the u.s. air force.
2:41 pm
the turkey syria border. greg, fox news. melissa: thank you so much. coalition airstrikes seem to be working on the ground in kobani. but wouldn't airborne isis force us to change strategyy strategic analyst james freeman is back. colonel, let me ask you, you know, how does that change things, and do you buy it, that they could be learning to fly jets? what would that mean? >> you've got a lot of u.s. pilots hoping they'll be the first one to spot the isis jets and shoot them down. i mean, there's zero threat to the u.s. air force rom those old training pilots, military pilot is a long, drawn-out process. the one danger, the single danger from those jets are other isis aircrafttto useethem as flyyng bombs. to fly them into a facility obviously our embassy in baghdad would >> it seems like we're
2:42 pm
hearing they're working. the next they're not. today, it seems like they're working. how do you sort through all of it? >> they've been doing more of them. that's probably the answer here. the numbbr of missions in this conflict was historically low. i think it's great that we're now sort of at a stand still maybe even a little retreat by from isis. i think we'll have to understand thht you do need people on the ground to get rid of these guys. and i don't think you have to runnel the whole middle east. it probably needs a ground component at some% point. melissa: colonel, do you agree with that? >> we obviously have some personnel on the ground in kobani directing those airstrikes. there's no way they could be as precise and as effective without eyes on the ground. and it's not kurtdz on cell phones. i'm not going to speculate who they are. but we're already in
2:43 pm
deeper than the administration has admitted. agree that if you'reinly reallyyserious about destroying isis, for a start and as a minimum, you need special operates on the ground to bolster the kurds and others, but, i mean, we're a long way from destroying isis and even the kurds will not be our proxies march on damascus. there's no policy. there's no serious military policy. we're just holding a line. melissa: i want to go back what you said at the beginning. we have more forces on the ground than what we're admitting to. what does that mean? what message ddes that send? >> again, not necessarily military, we've got some people on the ground. we have people coordinating and calling you just can't do it any other way. so i'm not talking about large numbers. i'm talking about a handful at most, but you have to have eyes on those targets. people with the right communications, equipment and skills to
2:44 pm
get the bombs on target. even precision weapons, you need precise targets. melissa: james, what do you think about the shift? for a while it seemed like kobani was being lost. now, it's being won. how meaningful is that? >> i guess it was a little less meaningful that afternoon it was depending who you believe. there's certainly far fewwr civilians there so i don't think you have a humanitarian catastrophe that we thought earlier if isis does take over. we got to beat these guys. this is not a good sign -- this is not good for anything going forward to have this group of fanatics -- >> well, no, i think kobaniiis still extremely important. in fact more important than it was weeks ago. apart from the humanitarian situation, there are times when a small nor place, takes significance. if an islamic state had been allowed to take
2:45 pm
kobani, it would have been a huge symbolic victory for them and a great recruiting tool. on the other hand if the kurds win, it's a really serious slap in the face for the islamic state. so this fight will drag on for a while. melissa: market bouncing back in a major way. joining us now liz claman with a preview of what's to come in the final hour of trading. we've almost made it. what a week. anything can happen so we need everybody to stay and watch their money in this final hour. -@because we're up triple digits this is one of the best days if not the best day for stocks in the entire year of 2014. so what are the smartest on wall street and in the money world doing before they leave for the weekend? robert, chief strategist investments is oing to be joining me live at the top of the hour.
2:46 pm
he has a whole bunch of things that he's working and advising them.lients he's one of the most respected people on the street. and we've got him right here on fox business. listen, when it comes to that apple iphone, it's an absolute winner. but being able to fill orders quickly is just as important or if you can't fill it just as bad as not getting orders at all. is an disk is down right now. they do provide flash memory for these phones. they have had quarter after quarter of real wins. what happened this time arouud? they did miss on a couple of metrics they've riefd some of their revenue -- we have is an gentleman to tell us what happened. you've got this embarrassment of riches where you get the apple deal, but you can't fill% it fast enough. melissa: gloves, hair nets, gowns the pressure it s on to
2:47 pm
prepare hospitals for ebola patients. we'll show you the customized kits. plus be bermuda's worst storm in a decade just hours away from the island. stay with us. we'll be right back
2:48 pm
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2:50 pm
melissa: from the u.s. every corner of the globe smoan flying around the world approximately starting in hong kong where tensions are flaring up. between pro emocracy activities. police used pepper spray and batons to fend off large groups of people. people knocked on the ground. others carried away by officers. bracing for gonzalo today.
2:51 pm
the category four storm is bermuda's biggest in over a decade since fabian hit in 2003. windd around 130 miles an hour. the worst of gonzalo is expected to hit late this afternoon and in the evening. in china where the wait is over for the iphone six. out of the hands of consumers for nearly a month. apple faces tough competition from rivals namely samsung for control of the world's largest smart phone market. medicallprofessionals are feeling the pressure to get fully equipped for ebola. one compaay they're turning to is making ebola kits. jeff is there wiih them now.% jeff. >> you are looking at it as we speak, melissa. this is a line that has been going nonstop here. they have some capability. i want to ask stephanie, medline's vice president
2:52 pm
ii you have the ability to go faster than you're going right now. >> quernl do. we've been planning months before this forr3 our typical annual participation. we understand our customers have a need. we have theeability to increase our capacity. >> you've been down this road before. you've seen this kind of thing before. we were talking earlier, you think sometimes folks like me maybe blow this out of proportion. >> i don't think you proportion. of i think you have do understand how this disease is transferred compared to others. >> you've been here before. >> we've seen h1h1. going back to the eighties with hiv. >> walk me down to the end of the line. i want to ask what i'm looking at here. if you would, i'm seeing an impermeable gown. what else am i seeing. >> ou're seeing a fluid resistant face mask. shoe covers, and a
2:53 pm
biohazard face mask. >> are you confident based on what we've heard from the cdc what they're recommending, you as a nurse, are you confident this is going to protect people like you? >> you know, these are protectives barriers the most important about utilizing these is how to put them on and take this emoff. you have to be conscious about that. >> melissa, they say they're ready if it gets worse than it is now and obviously already as stephanie is saying they've already had a lot of intensification of interests and they're going about it as fast as they can go, but they can go faster if needed. melissa: thank you so much. the dow well off session highs after being up more than 300 points. it's going to be a big hour headingginto the close. new photos emerging of king jong-un's with a cane. maybe his limp is worse than the government is letting on. mother money next.
2:54 pm
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melissa: let me give you a quick look at the markets here as we end the week. the dow up 207 points. but at one point the dow was up over 300 points some good news for investors after six straight days of loss, and some of them very heavy a rough week. only an hour left. hang on. an houu though is not enough time to bring all% @f our favorite stories. veronica and james are back with me my producers in the control room. brianna what do you have first. >> s so they're teaming up way tech company to make their own brand of tech watch. melissa: what do you think of
2:58 pm
the louis view ton smart watch. i think it will be pricey. >> it's going to be expensive, but they're wealthy they can afford to buy a new phone even though the technology gets stale. they're wealthy they can -- >> would you be buying that for mrs. freeman. >> if mrs. freeman asked me to, certainly. i goo a puppp after all. how am i going to say no to this. >> kim jong-un is back again. photos emerging of his second outing with his new cane. experts are asking why no video exists. just photos. they think the north koreans are trying to hide the true extent of his injury. >> it's a little bittersweet. i think of him as lil kim and now he's all grown up and he's using a cane.
2:59 pm
mixeddemotions. melissa: do you need to see him in action -- >> i don't know what to believe. photoshop and everything. melissa: seeing him with the cane gives a little more sophistication. he seems a little bit earlier. >> i think it's scary that we lost track of him for a period of time. us back there? >> i guess with everything going on, you can kind of see this coming. actually make a tv series based on an ebola outbreak. people love stories where infectious viruses kill all of mankind. i think it will be a hit. melissa: does it still feel too soon? we're in the midst of the ebola thing. it is fox so i'm going to warn you ahead of time before we say anything. >> this is exactly how i want to experience ebola. melissa: from your own living room. >> the track record.
3:00 pm
aliens. melissa: always doing the exodus, the new mows he is movie is fantastic. it's great timing. big hit. that's all we have for now. i hope you're maaing money right now president market 230. liz: let's see if we can make people more money. just like the san francisco giants winning in the bottom of the ninth last night in thrig fashion, if you're a fan of them. we're rallying to the close of just a wild week. the major averages all scoring gains president the russell just scored negative. leading the pack american express, united health group and boeing plus ebola hysteria, you got to admit it's spreading fast. new health scare from the pentagon to overseas causing quarantines in the pentagon parking lot. on a cruise ship just


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